VCKHRRY Electric Coffee Grinder 400W


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Highly efficient and high quality: 400 W power, high-speed motor and 4 super-sharp blades ensure that the mill can quickly sand out finished products in about 30 seconds. In addition, the fully transparent reinforced cover of the grinder helps to observe the grinding process.
Easy to use and clean: the grinder has only one push button, so you only need to press the transparent handle with your palm to operate the machine. When cleaning, simply remove the 304 stainless steel liner and rinse with water directly, and then wipe dry.
Compact size and easy storage: it is not only small and lightweight, but also has a non-slip design that ensures the grinding process is simple and convenient. Whether at home or on the go, our grinder is the best choice because it is easy to carry and store!
Durable and versatile: it is wear-resistant, dirt-repellent, durable, does not rust easily and has a long service life. All dehydrated and fragile ingredients can be ground with this removable coffee grinder, including coffee beans, seeds, nuts, grains, spices, herbs, etc.
Enough safe and practical: reinforcement cover, 4 blades and additional ventilation slots make the grinder safer and faster. It is easier to attach the desktop and avoid accidents. The grinder is the best choice for personal use or as a gift


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