Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Xiaomi Mijia MOP C


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Optical and dynamic navigation system. Quickly record coordinate information, extract complex spatial properties, maintain dynamic movements while traveling, maps are more accurate and efficient.
200ml water reservoir. Precise water control, wet floor cleaning.
High suction power of 2500 Pa. Equipped with a brushless motor, it adapts to the shape of the air hose, facilitating the collection of dust particles.
Suspension + efficient main brush. Suction opening for large diameter suspension close to the ground
High precision sensor. 15 kinds of multi-directional sensors, sensitive to a variety of tricky environments, good for obstacle avoidance.
Narrow body of 8.2 cm. Just place it under your bed, wardrobe and sofa.
Automatic loading. Automatically charge when the battery level is below 15%. If the battery is 80% charged, return it to the off position and replace it again.

Brand - Xiaomi

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