Robot Cecotec Conga Series 3790


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The Cecotec Conga 3790 is a professional 4-in-1 robot with laser mapping: it sweeps, vacuums, scrubs and washes the floor simultaneously, thanks to its mixed tank of solids and liquids. Clean every surface efficiently, neatly and smartly with Wi-Fi and App.

Jalisco Brush: Brush to remove the most imperceptible dirt. Thanks to this new brush, you can vacuum up dirt that is not visible at first glance. Thanks to the innovative OnlyOne System technology, the robot vacuums, scrubs and sweeps simultaneously.

APP Control: smartphone application with which you can control your robot, selecting cleaning modes, scheduling cleaning, selecting the suction and washing power level and observing the cleaning history.

Virtual map: memorizes the map and displays it in the application.

BestFriend Care system with two interchangeable brushes that prevent tangles. A special rubber brush to remove pet hair in places as tricky as carpets and a dual material brush for all types of surfaces and dirt.

10 selectable cleaning modes: Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual, Deep Clean, Wash, Skirting and Back to base. Your home will always be clean!

Brush Pro technology with a central rotating brush that thoroughly cleans dirt from rugs and carpets. Two-material brush, bristles and silicone rubber to remove all types of dirt.

It fully adapts to your home, cleans under furniture, detects obstacles and prevents falling down stairs.

Cecotec Conga 3790 Specifications:
Robot vacuum cleaner with laser technology, scrubs, vacuums and sweeps at the same time.
2300 Pa.
APP with interactive map.
Jalisco brush.
Double tank.
Special brush for pets.
Remote control.

Brand - Cecotec

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