Mini Oven Cecotec Bake&Steam 3000 Combi 30L 2200W


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Bake & Steam 3000 Combi offers a world of possibilities with its high power of 2200 W and its three cooking modes: steam, convection and oil fryer. Experiment and discover new flavors thanks to its high performance. Up to 7 functions and 31 pre-configured menus that will make your life easier, there will be no recipe that can resist you. 3-in-1 oven: Steam, convection and oil fryer With the Bake & Steam 3000 Combi steam oven you can cook all types of food thanks to its 3 cooking modes: steam, convection and air fryer. With the steam mode you will keep all the flavor of the food, in addition to its properties and vitamins. With the convection mode, you can bake, cook, heat or grill food. Finally, with the air fryer mode, you can enjoy your fried food or any type of food in a healthier way.

Brand - Cecotec


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