Ligawo Satellite Meter Bipartite Acoustic LED Display and Compass


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Ligawo Satfinder Saturation Meter with LED level indicator and acoustic signal of reception intensity, perfect for home use, level attenuation below 10 dB, sensitivity control for fine tuning.
Frequency band 950 - 2400 Mhz, searching for digital satellite signals Ideal DVB-S / DVB-S2 signals to measure and readjust the satellite system (Astra, Hotbird, Eutelsat etc.).
The satface-free installation between the satellite dish LNB and the satellite receiver, the passive power supply through the receiver, including special compass accessories, makes it easy to locate the satellite's direction.
The intensity of the reception is shown by the 7-digit LED display, a suitable sound signal provides acoustic feedback for installations without visual contact with the meter.

Brand - Ligawo

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