GRIDINLUX Homely WIFI Warm Convector Heater


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Homely WIFI WARM 1500 W is the ideal Thermal Emitter to heat your environment with maximum efficiency. Program it and quickly get the temperature to where you need it. GLASS TEMP minimalist design with a modern and differentiated tempered glass lid. It has an ultra-thin, lightweight and compact design: easy to carry. Possibility of use with feet or fixed to the wall. It is able to quickly heat 15 m2 efficiently and keep the temperature constant. Silent. 2 powers to choose from depending on the heat input needs: Power I 750 W and Power II 1500 W. TEMP CONTROL: Efficient self-management of the temperature between 5 and 40 ° C. ITOUCH technology with TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY. It is a friendly and intuitive smart control panel. Homely WIFI WARM 1500 W has the latest APP CONTROL technology. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, you can manage it from your mobile devices. Download your app from Google Play and the App Store. Sync with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select the bands on and off and anticipate the distribution of heat when needed. Automatic shutdown in case of overheating. IP24 protection suitable for bathrooms. Splash and moisture resistant. Reduced consumption. You will realize the savings on your bill while maintaining the comfort of your home Manufactured with the best materials and the best design of efficient heat emission systems. Get a comfortable and energy efficient home thanks to Homely WIFI WARM 1500 W. GridinLux only works with CERTIFIED PRODUCTS. TECHNICAL DATA POWER: 1500 W. VOLTAGE: 220-240V / 50-60 Hz. DIMENSIONS: 76x24x43 cm. BOX DIMENSIONS: 80.5x13x47 cm. WEIGHT: 6.2 kg.



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