Electric Pot Cecotec 8L Model H Ovall


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· Multifunctional kitchen robot that cooks any preparation for you in record time.
· 19 different ways to cook that will help you prepare starters, rice, noodles, stews, stews, fish, desserts... and all the recipes you can imagine.
· Oval shape for cooking whole pieces of meat and fish.
· Enjoy meals with many guests, thanks to its large capacity of 8 liters.
· Innovative Advance lid that releases pressure in the most comfortable way, avoiding splashes.
· Features an extremely non-stick oval Daikin tray that achieves great results in any recipe.
· Programmable 24 hours for you to enjoy the meal ready when you get home.
· Eco mode to save up to 50% energy during cooking.
· Turbo cooking, pressure, steamed, stewed, sautéed, poached, confit, yeast, bread, dessert, rice, pasta, iron, sauté, fry and oven.
· GMCore intelligent system that adapts the cooking of each preparation according to the amount of food, either per ration or 12 rations.
· Includes a complete cookbook and access to the interactive social community and all new weekly Cecotec recipes.
· 11 adjustable temperatures up to 200ºC to prepare all kinds of recipes.
5 adjustable pressures up to 90 kPa for faster cooking.
· Features heating and reheating option to meet user needs.
· Step-by-step voice-guided control in 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.
· Eprom memory that remembers the programming if the light goes out.
· 15 safety systems that guarantee the proper functioning of the pan at high pressures, without any danger.
· LED panel with very ergonomic control panel that allows a complete visualization of the cooking process.

Brand - Cecotec


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