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Slow cooker in low temperature crock-pot CSC046X of 2, 4 L, ideal for the preparation of portions of 2-3 people. It has manual controls and two power levels (high and low) and the function to keep warm. You can put it in the oven, which is very useful to give the final touch to some recipes, and it can be washed in the washing machine. The glass lid is also suitable for dishwashers. Ideal for couples or families of 3 people, the CSC046X slow cooker is easy to use and the culinary possibilities are very extensive. Use it for much more than stews and stews. Prepare recipes like barbecue ribs, chicken with vegetables, sour pork, rice with milk, etc. and much more! All you need is a short and simple preparation of ingredients, put it in the pan, select the potency and wait for the results. Enjoy your free time without losing tasty and healthy food thanks to the Crock-Pot. Features 2.4-liter capacity, ideal for 2 people Manual, 2 power levels: high and low, and keep warm function Easy disassembly for easy cleaning Pot suitable for use in the oven and dishwasher Cover suitable for use in dishwasher More information Electric cooking pot at low temperature and for long periods of time. When cooking in this way and with the pan closed, all the juices of the meat and vegetables, with their good taste and high nutritional contribution, are naturally in the recipe without being lost or evaporated. The low cooking temperature ensures textures and flavors, difficult to obtain with other cooking methods. Cooking with the electric cooking pan is quick and easy: it takes no more than 10 minutes. Just add ingredients, turn on the stove and select the cooking time. And due to its low energy consumption, it is completely safe to allow the pan to cook while you enjoy your time. The use of the crock-pot is economical, since the energy consumption is much lower, for example, that of a ceramic glass. In addition, it ensures a healthy diet, because it does not cause loss of nutrients, as with other cooking methods that reach high temperatures. You will take a minute to hand wash your Crock-Pot. The pan, due to its high quality nonstick treatment, cleans quickly and easily. And if you don't like to wash by hand, the pan and lid can easily enter the washing machine.
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