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2000 W vertical fan heater. Powerful. Adjustable thermostat. 3 modes Overheating and anti-roll protection. Silent Cecotec Ready Warm 9500 Force.


• Powerful fan heater 2 in 1: fan heater with heating and cold.

• 2000 W high maximum power

• Adjustable thermostat with two power levels: minimum power of 1000 W and maximum power of 2000 W.

• It has 3 operating modes: Eco mode: 1000 W of heat, Turbo mode: 2000 W of heat and Cool mode:
cold air fan function.

• You can select from several power levels that are fully adjustable to the needs of each user.

• Its Warm Space technology is capable of heating 15 m² with a volume of 36 m³.

• overheating overprotect Protection System, AutoOff System where when it overheats it is
automatically stopped to prevent damage to the Danto heater and the stay itself.

• The Neverfrost antifreeze system allows the fan heater to maintain a temperature above 0 °.

• Its OnlySilence technology allows you to enjoy a pleasant environment with 30 dB.

• The fan heater has a tipping safety system, an anti-tip sensor that, if it moves to
an unusual position or fall, stops automatically.

• Thanks to its EasyGo system, it is very easy to transport. It has an ergonomic handle for
move easily according to your needs and a light weight of 0.9 kg.

• Suitable for every situation, this fan heater has VerticalDesign, which makes the product great
stability, lightness, small size and good manageability.

• Power indicator light.

Brand - Cecotec

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