Cecotec Conga Serie 4090


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Cecotec Conga Serie 4090

Cecotec Conga 4090 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: vacuum, sweep and scrub. You can also vacuum, sweep and scrub or mop at the same time, thanks to its mixed tank of solids and liquids. Clean 100% of the covered surface in an efficient, organized and intelligent way with Wi-Fi and App with several maps and room management, thanks to the RoomPlan system.
Jalisco brush: Vacuum up to three times in one pass.
iTechLaser 360. Intelligent navigation with laser mapping system: iTech Laser 360 intelligent navigation. The robot scans and maps your home for 360º recognition.
5200 mAh battery Up to 240 minutes of autonomy: Immortal battery system with a 14.8 V battery and 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery. Enjoy an interval of up to 240 minutes.
Interactive MultiMap. Map, visualize and memorize up to 5 maps: MultiMap system capable of storing several different maps in the robot's memory. Interact with the robot by performing timely cleaning, smart area or selecting restricted areas. Its area cleaning allows you to select the rooms you want to go through. It is the perfect way to clean areas with more traffic or rooms where thorough cleaning is required.
ForceClean 2700 Pa. Great suction power for deep cleaning: ForceClean system with a powerful turbine that maximizes the great suction power up to 2700 Pa. It collects all types of dirt to ensure an always clean floor.
Total surface 2.0 Refills and cleans again to the last corner: Total Surface 2.0 technology to clean your entire home. If the robot runs out of battery during cleaning, it will automatically return to the charging base by the quickest route, recharge the battery, and go out again to complete cleaning at the exact point where it was.
Compatible with the virtual voice assistant: thanks to its new VirtualVoice technology, you can connect the robot to the Alexa and Google Assistant virtual voice control assistants. You can perform various voice controls, such as starting cleaning, interrupting cleaning, sending the robot to its charging base, or even locating it via audio transmissions.
BestFriend Care Ideal brush for pets: The BestFriend Care system integrates two interchangeable brushes that prevent tangles. A special rubber brush to remove animal hair in places as complicated as carpets and a brush of double material for all types of surfaces and dirt.
iWater. Intelligent washing control with 3 levels: the robot is programmed with the iWater system with three electronic washing modes: High: perfect for deep washing, Medium: ideal for daily washing and Low: ideal for washing surfaces. Thanks to these three modes, you can rub and mop over any type of surface. Control the water level and dose the flow evenly and intelligently through its electronic control. Keeps the mop accurately moist at all times and extends the total surface for cleaning.
APP control. Control the cleaning of your mobile phone: Smartphone application with which you can control your robot, selecting cleaning modes, scheduling cleaning, adapting the suction and washing power level and observing the cleaning history. In addition, it will allow you to observe your home map and interact with the robot through the application. Compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks for better connectivity with your robot. And if you don't have Wi-Fi, you can program it from the remote control in the most intuitive way.
10 selectable cleaning programs: Automatic, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual, Deep Cleaning, Washing, Borders and Homecoming. Your home will always be clean.

Brand - Cecotec

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