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ITech Laser 360 smart navigation. The robot scans and maps your home for 360º recognition. Plan the fastest, most efficient, orderly and intelligent route of cleaning each room of your home. This innovative technology makes the Conga 3090 series an extremely intelligent robot.
Twin Floor mop of two materials for professional cleaning on all types of surfaces.
Compatible with virtual voice assistant: Thanks to its new VirtualVoice technology you can connect the robot to the virtual voice control assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.
Schedule it weekly with your Smartphone APP, easily control the robot, view the history with the cleaning area and time, check the interactive map through laser technology, detect the charging base, establish a restricted area, cleaning areas and punctual cleaning.
Select the cleaning mode of a point to send the robot to a specific place on the map where you want it to do a deep cleaning, for example, under the bed or table.
Outlet Product - Demonstration product. Various risks.

Brand - Cecotec

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