Cecotec Conga Serie 1290


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Professional vacuum cleaner robot 4 in 1: sweeps, vacuum, mop and scrub 100% of the surface in an orderly and intelligent way.
New iTech SmartGyro smart navigation technology with gyroscopic sensors, proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall, cleans 100% of the surface.
Memorize the route to find the fastest and most efficient route and return to the charging base when cleaning is complete with the memory control system. The robot knows exactly where it is, where it has gone and what remains to be cleaned.
Deluxe Cleaner System with three washing modes for any surface: "High" for a deep wash, "Medium" for a daily wash and "Low" for a superficial wash.
OnlySilence technology for quiet cleaning with a sound level <64 dB.
Twin Floor Mop with two materials for professional cleaning on all types of surfaces.
All-TimeTable: programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Easy and intuitive control through its remote control with LCD screen.
Immortal battery system with a Li-Ion battery of 14.4 V and 2600 mAh. Enjoy a range of up to 160 minutes.
The robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging base at the end of cleaning thanks to its GPS Home system.
Purifies the air with the EPA filter capable of retaining allergens and dust.Created for all types of floors and thin carpets.
2 large capacity tanks, one for dust and one for liquids, 300 ml each.
It adapts completely to your home, cleans under furniture, detects obstacles and prevents the stairs from falling.
It reaches every corner with its two side brushes that help push all the dirt into the nozzle.

Brand - Cecotec


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