Cecotec Conga Rockstar 1500 Ultimate ErgoWet 680W


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Conga RockStar 1500 Ultimate ErgoWet digital motor vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner without cables 4 in 1: vertical, brush, hand and friegasuelos with 680 W of power and 26 KPA. Features: 4 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner: vertical, brush, hand-held and friegasuelos with Brushless digital motor, maximum suction power and design 360 to eliminate the octopus from anywhere. Typhoon system that maximizes its impressive suction power up to 230 aW, to vacuum any type of dirt. Digital Brushless Technology with a latest generation digital motor without brushes, to provide greater speed, less noise and extend the life of the vacuum cleaner. ForceSonic technology with a maximum power of 680w

Brand - Cecotec


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