Cecotec Conga Popstar 2900 Ergoflex


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3-in-1, cordless, bagless, heavy-duty cyclonic vacuum: upright, handheld and broom. Cyclonic technology. 3 operating modes and 60 minutes of autonomy. Features: 3-in-1, cordless, bagless, heavy-duty cyclonic vacuum cleaner: upright, handheld and broom. Ultrapower technology: maximum juice power thanks to the Conga Cyclonic System and its 29.6 V battery. Immortal Battery: achieve an autonomy of 60 min and reduce charging time in half. Li-ion battery that extends the life of the vacuum cleaner and reduces charging time to 4 hours. ErgoFlex System: articulated arm that allows you to vacuum with total comfort the dirt accumulated under furniture, beds or places that are difficult to access. 3 operating modes. Turbo Mode: Maximizes Juice Power. Eco Mode: Extends battery life and saves energy. Brush Off Mode: Turn off the rotating brush and LED lights.

Brand - Cecotec


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